Adamas Stag Fringe Necklace

Adamas Stag Fringe Necklace

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     Running through the forest to a clearing at the water's edge, a stag stands tall.  Proud.  Majestic.  Strong.  As winter blows it's cold and tumbling winds, the stag sheds his antlers at the base of a tall cedar.  

     Miles below and over the course of billions of years, stunning white diamonds are forged.  They become what the Greeks called Adamas or "unbreakable."  

     When you wear the Adamas Stag Fringe Necklace, you will feel your power, elegance and greatness radiate from within.  Whether you wear it high in the lariat style or long and layered with your favorite Vincent Peach choker, you will be sure to flow with the fringe and own any room you choose to grace with your presence.

     Note: This is a custom made-to-order piece.  Your necklace will be close in appearance to the one you see here.

• White Diamonds, 3 ct

• Antler, 1.5" Diameter

• Premium Deer Skin Leather

• Standard 38" Length

• D673 DIA