Freshwater Coin Cuff

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     Her father used to take her on long walks down the winding paths through the thick green forest on sunny days to the base of the waterfall at the state park in the next county over.  Now that she has grown, she imagines simpler times while wading in the same misty pool next to the old rope swing with water cascading down around her and she bends down in the clear water to examine the wishing coins that children have thrown over the cliff for years and years.

     The simple elegance of the Freshwater Coin Cuff allows you to wear it with the confidence that the hand cut leather and beautiful pearls will compliment your ensemble without allowing the focus to detract from the radiating vibrance of your personality.

     Note: This is a custom made-to-order piece.  Your bracelet will be close in appearance to the one you see here.

  • Large 1.25" Freshwater Coin Pearl
  • 13mm Tahitian Pearl Clasp
  • Premium Quality Leather
  • Standard 7" Size
  • P723