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Green Aquatic Sea Glass Bracelet

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  • Tumbled Green Sea Glass Beads
  • 10 mm Tahitian Pearl
  • Standard 6.25" Length Stretch Bracelet
  • P778G

     On the white sandy beach of a small island off Florida's Gulf coast in the hot summer sun, birds caw and a light breeze blows the warm ocean air over basking tourists lying on colorful towels.  Beautifully crafted castles tower over the lapping waves before the evening tide tears them down again for the next young dreamer to rebuild.  

     Meanwhile, strewn among the foam lie softly tumbled bits and pieces of green glass that have braved the elements of their aquatic travels from distant lands. A young lady in a flowing white sun dress gathers only the best to match her lustrous Tahitian pearls.

     In a stack of bracelets, the Green Aquatic Sea Glass Bracelet will provide an excellent contrast or accent to an ensemble but this piece works best as the sole focus on your wrist where the pure luster of the Tahitian Pearl can have it's opportunity to sing.

     Note: This is a custom made-to-order piece.  Your bracelet will be close in appearance to the one you see here.