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Leather Feather Necklace

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     The old cowboy and tracker had taught her everything she knew about her connection to the natural world on their long trips following the herd but as she looked up at the stars that night, it was the deep earthen wrinkles of his elusive and fleeting smile that she remembered best.  

     When the Southwestern early morning air was cool and the Hawks above would begin to circle and the Black Birds would crow, the old man would rub dry dirt between his palms with a fire in his eyes.  He would look at her and with his deep smokey voice he would slowly say: "Storms a comin'."

     The Indian Chic Necklace is both powerful and freeing as it can be worn long or lariat style.  The Tahitian pearls have a deep luster that glows when set against the leather feather.  

     Note: This is a custom made-to-order piece.  Your necklace will be close in appearance to the one you see here.

  • Hand Crafted Leather Feather Pendant, Meticulously Made from Raw Hide
  • 13mm Tahitian Pearls
  • Premium Quality Leather
  • P305TAH