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La Pearla Antler Tip Necklace

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     Surrounded by a symphony of forest sounds in the softly falling rain and the first rays of morning sunlight, two bucks are poised for a showdown.  The autumn air is brisk and cold enough to see each hard breath of intimidation as the majestic creatures anticipate a territorial battle for the ages.  

     With the clap of an old birch branch breaking at the edge of the meadow, a murder of crows flies off into the distance and the stags begin to charge.  Hundreds of pounds crash together with the cracks and pops of fiercely dueling antlers snapping off, fracturing with each blow until an ominous silence falls upon the wet leaves covering the forest floor.  One buck walks away.

     The La Pearla Antler Tip Necklace is a  unique piece featuring an antler tip embedded with a Tahitian pearl. Premium leather finishes off the necklace that can be worn both long or lariat style.

  • 13mm Tahitian Pearl
  • 3.5" Antler Tip
  • 30" Premium Quality LeatherCord
  • P689