Handmade Designer Jewelry Vincent Peach | Tahitian Pearl and antler necklace on brown leather

La Pearla Ranch Necklace

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     As she strolled by the white villas perched atop the warm sand at the edge of the clear blue waters of Barnes Bay in Anguilla, she noticed the faint aroma of a distant cigar that brought up vivid memories of the powdery winters she spent in the antler lined lodges looking out over the frosted peaks of Aspen.

     She could still feel the warm sunlight on the soft snow and the amber glow of firelight through the dry white wine in their crystal stemware.  It was only the caw of a lone gull that brought her back from the daydream to notice her hand resting gently on the very same necklace that she received all those years ago.

     This stunning necklace features a cascade of antler tips embedded with our finest Tahitian Pearls.  Easily worn long or in a lariat style, the La Pearla Ranch Necklace can be dressed both casually or with an ensemble at an elegant event.  Braided premium leather and flowing strands complete this truly rare and unique piece.  

  • 13mm Tahitian Pearls
  • 3.5" Antler Tips
  • Premium Quality Leather Cord
  • P727