Leather Pearl Ring | Freshwater

Leather Pearl Ring | Freshwater

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     Each bubble tickled her nose as she sipped dry champagne and reclined on her pink polka-dotted sheet draped over the warm, white sand with a sweet strawberry waiting for her at the bottom of her glass.  Gazing across the foamy Nantucket surf, she was nonplussed by a handsome stranger walking towards her, surrounded by the warm light of the evening sun.  

     When the stranger extended a strong hand without a word, she rose effortlessly to her feet and it was as if they had known one another for years.  They walked off to the South with the cottages of Siasconset on their right and the amethyst pastel sunset on their left.

     This unique piece is all about the Freshwater pearl. Made with premium leather this ring will not only keep you in style, but in comfort as well.

  • 13.5mm Pearl
  • .5" Wide Premium Quality Leather Strap and Cord
  • P719 (Freshwater)
  • Custom Sizes Available