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Seaplicity Necklace | Tahitian

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     There is something magical about the sweet and salty aroma in the warm Bermuda breeze that rustles the sails of the ships in the bright blue water of the bay.  Something special that makes every relaxed traveling passerby stop and take in a deep breath of fresh air with the scenery.  A gentleness that is perhaps a palpable manifestation of the most pleasant qualities of island life by the sea.  Simplicity.  
     The Seaplicity Necklace is the perfect complement to any ensemble.  It layers easily with other necklaces or creates a beautiful accent to your neckline as a lone piece.  Wear it with both pearls in front or move the clasping pearl to the back for a single pearl loose choker style piece.
  • As seen on Taylor Swift, Connie Britton, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Steven Tyler.
  • 13mm Freshwater Pearls
  • Large Pearl 15mm, Small Pearl 12.7-13mm AAA Investment Quality Round Tahitian Pearls
  • Center Pearl Slides 
  • Premium Leather Cord
  • Standard 17" Length 
  • Available in Custom Sizes 
  • Tahitian P022
  • Tahitian and Freshwater P061

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