Star Studded Double Wrap

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     Bathed in the soft golden light of the setting summer sun, a free spirited young woman runs through a field of red and white flowers on a hillside just beyond the edge of a small town to an old rope swing hanging from an apple tree like she has done a thousand times before.  The gentle breeze blows through her hair as she stares out at the puffy white clouds in the blue sky and imagines stringing them together with a needle and thread to wear as a bracelet.

     The contrast of brown leather and white freshwater coin pearls in this wrap make a fantastic addition to any ensemble.  This versatile wrap can be worn doubled on your wrist or as a stylish choker necklace. Freshwater coin pearls run the length of the premium leather piece finished with a Tahitian pearl closure. Certainly a fun wrap bracelet for both young women and women who are young at heart!

  • Freshwater Coin Pearls
  • 13mm Tahitian Pearl Clasp
  • .75" wide
  • Standard 15" Length
  • P735

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