Gold Montana Wrap | Choker

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  • Vincent Peach, the renowned jewelry designer, has gained worldwide acclaim for his iconic Montana bracelet, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends western and equestrian styles. This exquisite piece not only pays homage to the rugged allure of Montana's landscapes but also captures the elegance of equestrian aesthetics. The Montana bracelet stands out as a unique fashion statement, appealing to individuals with a penchant for luxurious brands like Gucci and Hermes, which frequently incorporate equestrian hardware in their designs. Vincent Peach's creation is a testament to his ability to infuse sophistication and authenticity into his jewelry, making it a must-have accessory for those who appreciate the fusion of western charm and high-end fashion. The Montana bracelet transcends traditional boundaries, offering a bold and stylish and artistic expression that resonates with the discerning tastes of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.
  • 14kt Gold
  • Tahitian Pearl Clasp
  • Premium Stitched Bovine Leather in Brown, Black or Blonde
  • Can Be Worn as a Bracelet or a Choker 
  • Comes in Standard 7" but Custom Sizes Available 
  • As Seen On Levin Rambin
  • Also Available in Sterling Silver, Episodic Diamond, Pavé Diamond, Hammered, Quilted or Gold/Diamond
  • Please Allow 2-4 Weeks for Shipping on Custom sizes
  • EQM01G

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