Constellation Lariat

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     A shooting star raced across the sky just as she leaned back in the soft grass past the stables, bathed in the cool blue light of the waxing moon overhead.  She was always dazzled by the depth of the night sky that only truly revealed itself over the countryside, far outside the edge of town and steeped in the chirps and chatter of the crickets and pond frogs.  

     The bright constellations among the sea of twinkling brilliance seemed to jump out at her and she would run her finger from star to star imagining a needle and thread creating a beautifully sparkling necklace for her to wear as she danced across the hillside.  This was where she felt at home.  This was where she could really be herself.

     One of our most versatile pieces, The Constellation Lariat can be single or double wrapped as a necklace, worn as a bracelet or even as an accent tying up a hair bun.  You will always be able to find a way to work this piece into your ensemble.

  • 7mm or 10-12mm Round Freshwater Pearls
  • Premium Leather Cord (1.5mm Cord for 7mm Pearls, 2mm Cord for 10-12mm Pearls)
  • 36" Length 
  • Can be worn as a Necklace or Bracelet
  •  7mm - P037
  • 10-12mm - P700

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