Sterling Silver and Tahitian Pearl Derby Stirrup Bracelet

Derby Stirrup Bracelet

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7" Hand-braided premium leather bracelet with a sterling silver stirrup, clasped with a beautiful, steely Tahitian pearl.

  • Sterling Silver – EQ040
  • 14k Yellow Gold – EQ040GD

Coming from a long line of prominent US jewelers and “Pearl” men -- Vincent has honed his ancestral expertise into unique, truly organic one-of-a-kind fine jewelry creations. The Vincent Peach jewelry collection is uniquely handcrafted combining the casual elegance of leather and the extraordinary beauty of diamonds and pearls. A native and still residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Vincent designs in his studio attached to the namesake Vincent Peach Boutique in Marathon Village of downtown Nashville but his pieces can be found around the world. As a jewelry designer and artisan, Vincent finds inspiration from life's leisures and the romance of luxury travel.

Member of the Jeweler's Board of Trade   Member of Jewelers of America