Vincent Peach Diamond and Pearl Luxury Earrings

Weekender Earring

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     Candlelight.  A string quartet harmonizes with the soft symphony of silverware ringing fine porcelain.  The sound swirls around the late evening trattoria apéritifs just off the cobblestone streets of Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere.  The mouth-watering aroma of tomatoes and garlic melding over a hot stove creeps out over the rustic hardwood floor from the kitchen and rests at the base of the tables like a soft pillow as the waiter takes orders in a romantic language that was meant to be sung.  

     As she gazes intently over the fresh floral centerpiece and warm focaccia, she slowly draws her hair back over her ear to reveal a soft neckline and sparkling earring.  The effect is enchanting and for a moment, the sights and sounds of the room drift away to leave them alone at their table in bliss.

     The Weekender Earrings are subtle yet stunning.  The diamonds sparkle, the pearls glow and the turquoise radiates an air of elegance.  They can be worn with almost any ensemble and on almost any occasion.  These just may be the earrings that you never want to take off.


• Freshwater: D550CFW Call for Availability 

• Turquoise:  D550T

• Diamond:  D550D

• 14kt Gold: D972


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