2020 Modern Day Heroes

2020 Modern Day Heroes

We hope everyone is staying healthy (and sane) during this time! If you're anything like us, you're looking for any sense of normalcy and stability during this uncertain time. 

Some days we're going along just fine, tapping into our creativity, organizing the closet (again), checking-in on loved ones. Others, our hearts feel very heavy for those affected or we’re left feeling a little confused about how to move forward. And while we and our team are so grateful to have our health at this time, we can't help but have our ups and downs. 

We've found solace in the fact that we're all in this together – but there have been a few people who have really been a rock for us. They answer every FaceTime call and respond to all of our social media messages. In addition to all of the wonderful healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers who keep our lives running relatively smoothly during this time, these people are our heroes. 

That got us wondering who your heroes are? Maybe it's a friend who listens to all of your quarantine-induced-thoughts or a grandmother who gives you a how-to on making her signature dish ... it could be a nurse who took care of your sick family member or the delivery man you see every week.

We want to spread the love by giving away 20 $200 Vincent Peach gift certificates to your Modern Day Heroes. Nominate anyone who has brought joy and positivity to your life or has shown enormous courage and strength during this time.



How it Works

Post a photo or video to your Instagram Feed or Story of who your hero is and why then tag us @vincentpeach and use the hashtag #2020ModernDayHeroes.

We'll randomly choose 20 people to give us the name and email of their hero so we can send them a $200 VP gift certificate. We'll be announcing winners every Friday starting April 17th through May 8th! 

We can't wait to see who has been getting you through this time and how they've made your day/week/month. We hope this will remind us to keep showing up for each other and that not all heroes wear capes.

Stay safe! 

Vincent and Michelle



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