Top 5 Tips to Hint at your Holiday Wish List

     Our significant others aren’t always adept at giving the gifts that we like to receive. This year, start hinting early to make sure that they can be confident you’ll enjoy the gifts they are giving. Remember though, hinting is more of an art than a science and you will need to find what works best for you. Here are the top 5 tips to start dropping hints about your holiday wish list:

#1: Make sure they are listening

            Give a little story with the hint to cement it in place.

#2: Leave pictures around the house, on the computer or on the refrigerator.

            You don’t have to say a word to get your point across. You might just “forget” a certain page in the printer...

#3: Mention it in conversation

            This can be a little tricky. You have to be delicate enough that you don’t offend your partner but assertive enough that they pick up the hint.

#4: Drop hints while shopping

            If you are out together shopping for someone else, let them know what you would want.

#5: Be Honest

            The fifth best hinting technique is quite simply to be honest with your partner and openly mention your likes and dislikes to avoid any embarrassment during the holidays.

 Remember, the right gift can make you happy to receive but also make your significant other happy by giving you something you enjoy. Sometimes they just need a little help getting there!

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