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Vincent Peach Nashville Chic


    The new look is Nashville Chic.  If you haven't noticed yet, Nashville is the trend setting capital for new, hot fashion styles and Vincent Peach is right at the heart of it all.
    We have the Prehistoric Megalodon and Tahitian Necklace (for the culture that only a three million year old shark tooth can give you) layered with the Vogue Tassel Necklace underneath.
    The Boho Tassel Bracelet and the Explorer Croc Cuff carry that fringy vibe through the look and tell everyone: "Hey, I'm not afraid to try new things but I do mean business."
    The Weekender Pearl Earrings round off the whole look with the class of a pearl and elegance of a diamond.
    Find all of these pieces and more at  Click to Comment below if you've got the look.

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