A Mother's Day to Remember

A Mother's Day to Remember

In the midst of a global pandemic, life still goes on. Birthday candles are being blown out, Easter came and went, young scholars are finishing out their semesters in anticipation of summer, between moments of uncertainty there is laughter at the dinner table, and like every spring, a very special day is just around the corner.

Though Mother's Day this year will definitely not be like the rest, that doesn't mean it cannot be just as special ... and special it should be. 

Being a mother is unlike anything else in this world and to mother is something even deeper.

to mother (verb) :

  • to give birth to

  • to bring up (a child) with care and affection

  • look after (someone) kindly and protectively

Though I am not a mom myself, I see clearly that there's so much more to it than giving birth to a child.  

It's the up-all-night worry, finding the right words to say and the hugs when there are none, the coordination of family gatherings, ensuring we're all where we need to be with everything we need, playing doctor and therapist at least once a week, but most importantly, it's the love that keeps us going on the good and bad days. 

It's a very important role and one that is probably not celebrated enough. 

Regardless of the relationship you have with your own mother, hopefully, we all have people in our lives who are there for us and will answer our 2 am calls or offer a shoulder to lean on ... people who make a place feel like home.

So here's to them: the ones who make our days brighter, our souls richer, our hearts fuller, and keep our families glued together. 

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Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Vincent Peach!

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