Experience Round Top with Vincent Peach

Round Top Aerial View     There is something intoxicating about the smell of fresh Texas barbecue mixed with miles of antiques in a cow pasture that keeps me coming back for more.  If you’re a picker or an antique junkie and you haven’t been to the Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas, you should be experiencing some major FOMO.  That’s the Fear Of Missing Out for all you old-timers goin’ junkin’ out there.  Round Top is the biggest antiques show in the world with prices ranging from one dollar to one million dollars and it’s popping up again, halfway between Austin and Houston, for an entire week starting September 21st.  

Vincent Peach Round Top Store Front     Last spring, Vincent Peach built a HUGE new showroom at Zapp Hall, next to the Bubble Lounge and the world famous pies of Royer’s Café where you can see all of Vincent’s newest designs that have been taking the nation by storm.  Even though you might be looking for those old trunks and spurs, you will always seem to find the hidden treasures when you are wearing your new leather, pearl and diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  Even better is getting to meet the designer himself!

Vincent Peach Round Top Gallery     Don’t be surprised by the numerous celebrity sightings or the mountains of turquoise and silver or the heaps of rusty gold that cover the All-American Texas dirt.  You can’t afford to miss the Junk Gypsies’ Junk-O-Rama Prom at the end of the week at Zapp Hall.  Embrace that feeling when you find yourself taking a week off from the daily grind for a road trip to the heart of the Lone Star state to experience that fleeting, good old-fashioned sense of Freedom that always seems to be slipping farther and farther away.

Vincent Peach Flagship Store Interior

     When you meet him, ask Vincent Peach about how he started at Round Top when he was in the antique business and about how now, his designs are being featured in the biggest magazines, worn by the hottest celebrities and sold in over 600 stores across the country.  Ask him about why he always loves to get back to Round Top personally to enjoy the magic that exists in a place where everybody you meet feels like a long lost relative.  Vincent tries to keep that spirit alive with the showroom’s daily happy hour from 5-7pm, where he likes to offer wine and hors d-oeuvres.  In the designer’s own words: “I find lots of inspiration at Round Top and it holds a special place in my heart.  This is my happy place.  I always release my favorite new designs at Zapp Hall and enjoy seeing the reactions when my customers try on that new Tahitian pearl necklace in the mirror for the first time or those new diamond and south sea pearl earrings.  They can feel just as comfortable wearing them here in an antique tent in Texas or at a black tie gala in New York.  I want anyone who wears my jewelry to look and feel amazing, no matter where they are.”  And they all do.

Stirrup Bangles

   Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy all that Round Top has to offer.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet designer, Vincent Peach in his element.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get out there, live life and keep that American Spirit alive.   Start planning your trip to The Round Top Antiques Fair now.  It may have been on your bucket list for a while or it may be the first time you’re hearing about it but now is the time to seize the day.  Reach out and let Vincent know he can expect to see you there.  See you at the show!


  • Met Vincent in Round Top yesterday while picking up a beautiful pair of pink pearl and 18k gold earrings! Just wondered in and so happy I did. Vincent is so humble and introduced himself as I was checking out. Already planning my next purchase.

  • So glad I had a chance to meet Vincent Peach in Round Top. Glad, I was able to get another Seaplicity necklace. The last one I gave to my baby sister. She loves it. Hope you come to Houston soon!

    Patricia Bolivar
  • I am going to miss my Round Top Friends and my VP Family this fall. I have a back problem ( who doesn’t ) that Has me engaged in daily Therepy for two more weeks followed up with Yoga the rest of my life. A practical and enjoyable medicine. Have a great show and enjoy the all this event has to offer. I will miss you all. Love, Carolyn

    Carolyn nihon
  • This Houstonian heard about your lovely creations from a friend in Nashville. I will be there with gal pals from all over the USA, coming in for Round Top Week(s.) See you soon, Vincent!

    Linda Klinger

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