How To Take Care Of Your Wanderlusting Heart

“Not all those who wander are lost”—J.R.R. Tolkien

Diamond Earring by Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry

Photographed by Jacob Pesci


As July has come and gone, August is here and the end of summertime approaches the horizon. Summer, the sweet season of nostalgia and wanderlust; It is the season that reminds us of the unadulterated freedoms, slow sunny mornings turning into long cool nights with fleeting responsibilities; Responsibilities that are keeping us anchored to our current location as we read this. Sitting at the office desk daydreaming of the places worth travelling to, the romance of experiencing new places, people and things -- Wanderlust in full force. But don’t let being an adult get you down too soon!

Though an extended trip across the world may be a little unrealistic, we have a different idea on what can fill our wandering hearts and we’d like to share them with you.

 Womens fashion editorial for Vincent Peach Handmade Designer Jewelry. Model wearing Chloe

When is the last time you had time for yourself? No, not that one afternoon you got off early and had some extra time to head start your errands. Or the weekends you so look forward to full of catching up. Catching up on your laundry, with a girlfriend over lunch, or (gasp) that deadline that is looming in this coming week. The point here is we often times forget to slow down and take a complete, uninterrupted moment for ourselves. We let the motions of every day life take over and leave the most important as last priority -- Which is you!




Vincent Peach created his Santa Fe Drifter’s Buckle with this very woman in mind. The woman whose fearless heart is always contradicting life’s practicalities; The woman who puts everyone and everything before herself. The Drifter’s buckle and its divine versatility as a wrap bracelet or choker necklace is designed for the spirit of the wanderess and the importance of art with a function. Fuel your summertime wanderlust with handcrafted artisanship.

Brown Leather and Diamond Multi-functional handmade jewelry

Here are a couple things you can do this summer that are small, but can be a major reminder that this life is yours and it’s worth slowing down for:


Stand barefoot in the grass and meditate.

Sounds cliché, but don’t underestimate the power of sunshine on your face, toes in the grass and a moment that pure silence can have. Forget work, any tasks at hand, and all fleeting thoughts for a couple minutes to recharge your soul.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Take a walk around your city.

Go to an area in your city that you don’t spend much time in and just walk. There is so much change happening all over that it’s hard to get an idea when only passing through. Walk into that boutique you always see and have never been to yet, or the coffee shop with the cute facade. You will be surprised of what you’ll find while on foot and conversations that may spark with your local shop owners.

coffee shop exterior string lights

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Watch the fireflies.

Reinvent the cool nights with only the light from the porch and the glass mason jar you have of the curiously sparkling little creatures; Pure memories to take you back to the definition of adolescent summertime.

Summer time fireflies lighting up a green field at sunset

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Make yourself tea, open the curtains and read a book.

It could be a new book or your favorite book for the third time. Wandering through the stories of someone else as the beam of sun shines on the chair you chose and a cross breeze flows through the room; Small details that only summer can provide.

Black and White photography. Woman reading on balcony. Big open Windows

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And lastly, take a day trip.

Fulfill your wanderlust with a mini road trip complete with your favorite playlist and a destination that’s new. Up to two hours from you there are new things waiting to be discovered in every direction. Start the car, put on some music, and drive. It could be a hiking spot, or that small, but quaint little town with the historic Inn that also doubles as a restaurant with the beautiful outdoor patio.

Luxury vintage convertible Car woman road trip alone

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No matter how you do it, never forget the wandering soul inside you. She is a girl on fire; the more you suppress her, the harder you get burned. The Drifter knows the more you give yourself to places, the more of yourself you get back; “Not all those who wander are lost”.


Model Laurenne Paladino for Vincent Peach Designs
Photography by Jacob Pesci 
Retouched by Haley Pesci
Styled by Michelle Garcia 
Hair & Makeup by Joel Green

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