Our Summer Favorites


Our Summer Favorites are a seasonal roundup of everything we can't get enough of right now. From the VP pieces we can't stop wearing and candles we can't stop burning, to our go-to cocktails when friends come over and more, we think you'll love these treasures too! Here all the things that will make the rest of summer just as special ...

Vincent Peach Cheval Bit Necklace

We love the Cheval Bit Necklace because it is so versatile and though Equestrian-inspired, goes with any outfit for any type of occasion. This necklace comes with a leather cord or a metal chain. You can also choose if you want diamonds or not, and which metal you prefer, Sterling Silver, Black Rhodium, or of course, 14kt Yellow Gold! 

L'OBJET Candles 

They fill the entire room. We get compliments every time we burn this candle. They come in exotic and unique containers inspired by travel and different places around the world. Perfect for a summer like this where wanderlust is really taking over our daily thoughts. Best of all, you can shop them at our Green Hills location and pick out your favorite scent!

Rolex Two-Toned Watch

This watch had to be on the list as we're drawn to everything two-toned right now. We love mixing metals and pairing high-end timepieces with our pieces. You can find this watch and more premium, pre-owned Rolex and Cartier watches at our Green Hills location.

Peach Bellini 

A perfect summer afternoon isn't complete without a cocktail. Try this Peach Bellini recipe via Waiting on Martha

  1. 2 Medium-Sized Peaches, Peeled and Cut
  2. 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
  3. Pinch of Sugar
  4. 1 bottle of Champagne or Prosecco 
  1. Blend Peaches, Lemon Juice, And Sugar in Blender. 
  2. Strain Any Remaining Peach from Mixture.
  3. Fill Glasses a Quarter Full of Peach Puree.
  4. Top off with Champagne.
  5. Garnish with Frest Thyme.

Vincent Peach Kingston Buckle Bangle

This has quickly become a crowd favorite from our newly expanded Equestrian Collection. It pairs perfectly with watches and tennis bracelets easily transition through the seasons and is an easy piece to wear every day.

We've curated a collection of pieces you can wear on all of your summer adventures! Shop them here.


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